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Dissecting the Google "Beast"

You've heard that people will find your business on Google. You've heard that you should advertise on Google. But, what the heck does that mean?! 

Did you know that if you advertise on Google you can reach 90% of the worlds' websites?

Did you know that your digital ad campaign can lead directly to customers calling you?

I can reach the entire world for you. However, maybe you just want to reach Montana or your town in Montana. I can do that on Google for you. 

Are you investing in radio, television or newspaper advertising? Do you know if it's working? My weekly reports will tell you what's working with very specific numbers and percentages. I'll change our digital strategy instantly to help promote growth if needed.

Giving Your Business My All

I can't wait to wake up early every morning to check how my clients' ads performed over night. I live for analytics reports and how best to dissect them so that I can bring you the right person at the right time. 

My husband owns a small business located in Helena, Montana too so I know how much every penny counts and I promise to respect your investment in advertising.

I have over fifteen years of marketing experience and am GoogleAds Certified so I am aware of the best ways to advertise your business. I can assure that you are getting the best for your money. 

I have grown Facebook follows from 0 to over 28,000. I am passionate about Instagram. I have delivered CTR (click through rate) that have blown the roof off industry standards.

I look forward to meeting you. Please email me at

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These are all the other things I can help with...
Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Web Content, Event Management & Promotion, Advertising Campaigns, Email Marketing


A digital marketing strategy can sound a bit scary partially because of the all the terminology that goes along with marketing in the digital world.

I will take care of the CTR and CPC. I'll manage your account diligently and will provide you with weekly reports written so you can understand them.  

Digital marketing is very unique to every business so please email me for a consultation and we can discuss what you need for your business and how I can economically deliver results.

Social Media Management

I have grown Facebook followings from zero to 29,000. I understand the balance of providing active content that has organic stamina with messaging that may need boosted support. Creating a brand standard for Facebook posts is also critical and often overlooked. 

From Facebook Live videos to Facebook event promotion, I have delivered strong results. I have experience in product marketing on both Facebook and Instagram and have utilized Twitter to make national connections in the travel/tourism industry. 

By utilizing and understanding Facebook Ads Manager, I am able to deliver my clients the best value and the most effective social advertising methods. Facebook Ads Manager is an advanced platform for creating Facebook and Instagram Ads. From Ads Manager, video, photo and slide ads can be created and monitored. 

Are you connecting with your customers?

Maybe you don't "do" Facebook. Maybe you think the cat pictures on Instagram are a waste of your time. 

But, what about your customers? With 1.45 active users on Facebook, you need to have your business represented. 77.6 million people in the US are using Instagram. Wouldn't it be nice if they were seeing you along with cat pictures? 


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Maybe a digital marketing strategy is right for you. Maybe not. 

What does your business need to be successful?

I look forward to learning how I can help you succeed. 

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